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House Interior Design Styles of the Tudor and Jacobean Periods

House Interior Design StylesWhitewashed plaster between wooden structural beams was the most common wall finish of Tudor living room designs – or any room for that matter. Timber paneling of oak was also a strongly featured interior design style in the houses of wealthier people. This would have been in a lighter tone of wood than we might expect, the darkening with which we are familiar having occurred through age or staining. Other cheaper woods were also used and these were often painted in colors or finished to imitate finer woods or other rich materials.

The most commonly seen division of panels was in squares or rectangles. Additional decoration might also be applied in the form of painting or carving (especially in the popular linen fold design). Later in the period the joins of panel sections were often concealed behind carved pilasters. Wall-papers, made in panels for adhering to fabric before being attached to walls, were produced during the sixteenth century, but these were only to be seen in a minority of houses.

Ceilings in the larger houses, later on, tended to be highly decorated with plaster-work, the designs for which were often geometric in nature. Heraldic and floral motifs featured and strap-work was often to be seen. Read the rest of this entry »

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