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Indoor Tropical House Plants

Indoor Tropical House PlantsIndoor tropical house plants, also called houseplants, are those plants that can be grown indoors and are especially useful for decorating the interiors of homes. They grow well in humid climatic conditions and can grow outside your home even if kept in pots. Usually, these plants have large stems and leaves and can grow easily in any climatic conditions.

Identifying indoor tropical house plants becomes easy, if you can recognize the characteristics of some these common plant families. One of the most popular plant which is grown indoors is the Dracaenas. These indoor plants usually have linear-lanceolate foliage that grows in curls from the top of the stems. Several Dracaenas plants have colorful foliage, similar to corn plants, which has broad yellow stripes on its leaves. Moreover, it is also somewhat similar to the Red Margined Dracaena, which has small red lines on the borders of its blades. Your ability of indoor tropical plant identification, in case of Dracaenas can help you in obtaining the right variety of this plant. Dracaenas can adapt well to room temperature and does not require much light and moisture. The flowers, when they fully mature, are large and ivory colored which gives out a sweet fragrance especially, at night. However, the plant does not flower much and is appreciated more for their sculptural forms and foliage. Read more on indoor tropical plants care.

Types of Indoor Tropical Plants

There are several varieties of indoor tropical plants available in the market. If you want to create an indoor landscape, you have an array of choice to do it. You can simply choose to plant them in an old urn or use new a pot and plant them. Some of the most common types of indoor plants used include Cabbage palm tree, Prayer plant, Pony tail tree, Jade plant, Bamboo palm, African violet etc.

Indoor tropical house plants should receive adequate sunlight and humidity, or else the plants may not grow to its potential. If they don’t receive enough sunlight, the plants would reach-out for light. If there is no light, the leaves would tend to fade. The ideal temperature which a plant requires is around 18 to 22 ÂșC. Make sure that the plants are not exposed to frost during winters.

Best Indoor Tropical Plants

Just as you love outdoor gardening, indoor gardening can be fun. As a matter of fact indoor plants not only help in keeping the environment around clean but they also are excellent decorating tool. Here, we list some of the most common indoor tropical plants:

Angel Ivy Ring Topiary
Commonly called wire vine, the angel ivy ring topiary plant, grows to about a foot in length. If you are planting this plant, make sure that you don’t over water it or let it become too dry. Watch out for spider mites as they tend to attack the plant quite often. Read the rest of this entry »

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